Samsung Sam voice virtual assistant is coming. Who is this Sam? The South Korean technology giant seems to introduce a new product.


New news continues to come from Samsung, which we describe as the master of this road updates. The company, which we encounter every day with its innovations in many fields, has also become a part of our language today. The company, which is also in our news with phones on the one hand, updates on the one hand, and tablet models on the other, does not stand still. The company, which will soon introduce a tablet model with a huge screen, continues to work on some innovations in addition to this. The company’s next project will be a new virtual assistant. We managed to reach a little information about the innovation that will appear as Samsung Sam.

The virtual assistant, which can appear in the company of a 3D character, was caught on our radar. The South Korean technology giant seems to be challenging Apple’s Siri with its new assistant.

Samsung Sam Virtual Assistant Coming

The virtual assistant, which is expected to have a 3D character, was presented to users in 2D at the initial stage. The assistant, which will rise from the ashes with its 3D variant, will probably make Bixby forget. The assistant, which is designed to rotate in 3D, will be presented to users in a modern structure. In addition, Lightfarm Studios has given the new virtual assistant an awe-inspiring makeover. Working with Cheil Agency on the design of the character, the company will likely introduce the new assistant.


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