The new report named “Samsung Research and Development Activities” has been published. The information in this report consists of the investments made by Samsung for the purpose of innovation and development. So, what are the remarkable points in the report?

Happy about Samsung Research and Development Activities
South Korean brand, which came to the agenda with the performance report it shared in the first quarter of 2020 last week, announced how much it invested in the name of research and development. This statement was published by the South Korean Yonhap News Agency.

The successful company invested 10 percent of its income in these activities in the first three months of this year, according to the news agency. This rate corresponds to 5.33 trillion (about $ 4.36 billion) South Korean won.

With this investment, 5.32 trillion South Korean won records were reached in the first quarter of 2018. This record corresponds to 9.7 percent of Samsung’s total sales.

Investments made 12 months ago accounted for 9.6 percent of total sales. Apart from this, it was revealed that the South Korean representative had another record. The record in this area was achieved in a 12-month period.

In this context, for the first time in its history, Samsung made an expenditure of 20.19 trillion South Korean won in 1 year. This record, broken for research and development activities, previously amounted to 20 trillion South Korean won.

Samsung has announced that it will continue to invest and innovate. The technology company, which states that the Corona virus outbreak cannot harm itself, has more than 180,000 patents.

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5075 of these patents are in South Korea. 8700 of these patents, whose contents are not disclosed, are located in the USA. What do you think about this success of Samsung? Will these investments be beneficial for users?


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