Having millions of users from all over the world, Samsung continues to work on brand new technologies while breaking the smartphone market. Samsung has finally managed to attract the attention of the whole world while introducing the Galaxy S21 family. The new flagship family, which is currently being spoken on various forums and sites, seems to meet expectations with its price.



With each new phone, Samsung, which approaches both screen features and camera features meticulously, seems to make a name for itself with its new decision. Probably, the new decision will attract the reaction of the users of our country, as well as the users from various parts of the world.

Samsung’s New Verdict

According to the information we have obtained, the famous technology company will gradually remove the charger and headset from future Galaxy phones. As you know, when we bought a new smartphone, there was a charger, a transparent case and an additional headset in the box. Both the charger and the headset will not be given to users in the coming period.


Why Did Samsung Make This Decision?

According to Samsung, users used the chargers and headsets of the phones they had bought in the new phones. We say they were using it because the company made this decision. It is also said that this decision was made due to the current mass of the Galaxy series. Existing Galaxy users were using accessories from their old devices. At least the tech company thinks so.

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Previously, there were leaks that Samsung would remove the charger, but the company had not confirmed. As a result of the new developments, the company confirmed this and stated that they will gradually remove the chargers from the phones.


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