South Korean technology giant Samsung plans to terminate the smartphone series Note 20 that offers pen support. Behind this decision is to increase the sales of the S21.

Technology manufacturer Samsung has confirmed that it plans to add pen support to other smartphones after the announcement of the Galaxy S21 Ultra with S Pen stylus support. With this decision of the company, the end of the road appeared for the Galaxy Note series.

Known by its nickname Ice Universe and making a name for itself with reliable information about Samsung, the leak account said that the Galaxy Note series is now buried and the latest Galaxy Note smartphone was launched last year. Ross Young, another trusted source, founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants and DisplaySearch research companies, says the company is not planning to launch the Galaxy Note21.

This decision could boost the sales of the S21 Ultra
According to insider information, Samsung may release a modified version of the Galaxy Note20 this year, which will be called the Galaxy Note20 FE (Fan Edition). The Galaxy Note era is also planned to be closed with this model. Last year’s sales of the flagship smartphones Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy S20 were disappointing.

Sources believe the decision to stop production of the Note series was entirely strategic. It is stated that the decision to kill Galaxy Note was made for the benefit of Galaxy S21. Because, if there is no Galaxy Note21 in the market, users who want to buy a pen-powered Samsung flagship will have to buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This will lead to an increase in the overall sales of the Galaxy S21 series. Samsung is expected to make an official statement regarding this important development.


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