South Korean technology manufacturer Samsung has announced ISOCELL 2.0 technology, which will enable smartphone cameras to provide better quality images.

Samsung today officially introduced ISOCELL 2.0 technology to increase light sensitivity for advanced smartphone cameras and reduce noise in image sensors.

Samsung’s existing sensors use ISOCELL Plus technology, which replaces the top of the metal partition between pixels with “new material”. The truth is that metal tends to absorb or reflect incident light, reducing the final image quality. However, at ISOCELL 2.0, the company states that it replaces this metal with a different material.

It will provide more detailed images
The use of this new material, whose details have not been disclosed, minimizes optical loss and significantly increases light sensitivity. According to available information, up to 12% more light enters the matrix as a result, compared to ISOCELL Plus. Thanks to this, Samsung says the sensors can contain more pixels to create more detailed images without sacrificing color reproduction and overall quality.

Samsung has already confirmed that ISOCELL 2.0 will be used in new sensors with 0.7 micron pixel size. Additionally, this technology will allow higher resolution sensors to be created. Let us remind you that the company is currently developing 600 megapixel modules.


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