News from Samsung continues to be on the agenda regardless of time. The company received a new patent. The design will be like a bomb.



Samsung, the technology giant of South Korea, continues to come up with different news every day. The company, which will give the opportunity to use the S-Pen with the new foldable flagship, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, appears in a structure similar to Apple. The company, which has managed to satisfy its users with numerous updates since we entered 2021, was the guest of our news with a bomb-like development. We have mentioned many times in our previous news that we follow the company closely. While continuing to bring together details coming day and night with our readers, Samsung’s new patent has also joined the details stuck on our radar.

The company, which is expected to wreak havoc in 2021 with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, seems to annoy its competitors with its new patent. Let’s move on to the details of our news without further ado. According to the new information we have obtained, Samsung has patented a dual-scroll smartphone with hidden cameras and speakers. The phone, which is known to appear with a very interesting design, appeared on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website with some prominent details.


Samsung patented a dual-scroll smartphone

The dual-scroll phone, which is stated to be used in three different modes, is specified as a monoblock smartphone with neither front nor rear cameras visible in the basic version. Users will be able to access the second mode of the phone by scrolling down the screen. With this mod, it will be possible to access the selfie blog. In addition, this mode will include multiple image sensors and a flash.

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Let’s come to the third mode, the third mode, which allows a part of the body to move upwards, offers the functionality of extending the multi-part rear camera. The mode, which will also feature a large speaker at the bottom of the front, will also offer the opportunity to experience a quality AKG sound system. The phone, which is expected to have a USB Type-C port, will also host side control buttons next to the case.


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