Samsung fully enters the world of banks with the creation of a new debit card.

Samsung is one of the most covered companies in the world of technology. Its brand is present in all electrical appliance stores, even beyond telephony. But this company also has its first steps in the world of finance and banking services, which wants to go to the real world thanks to its own debit card.

Samsung launches bank card
If there is something that has saved the purchases of our time it is the credit card. Thanks to this plastic you can access your money saved in the bank and use it as cash in any store. This has also improved with the NFC connection of smartphones, which is also compatible with many dataphones throughout the world. Both systems coexist and is that now technology companies are giving way to that world of banks.

The latest to make this leap has been Samsung with the imminent launch of its own debit card in the summer. According to the statement that the company itself has released today “Our vision is to help consumers better manage their money so that they can achieve their dreams and goals. Now more than ever, mobile financial services and money management tools will play an even bigger role in our daily lives and at the same time open up new possibilities. ”

He continues, “As a first step towards this broader vision, this summer Samsung, in partnership with SoFi, will introduce a new Samsung Pay experience with an innovative debit card backed by a cash management account. We are excited to share more details in the coming weeks. ”

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A new proposal against the competition
That there are more and more companies focused on the world of banks is already a reality. A few years ago there was only PayPal, which acted as a virtual wallet specially designed to pay online safely. But over time more signatures have come, such as Google or Apple. In fact, this debit card comes at the perfect time to compete with those of Cupertino who also want to get their own physical card.

We will see how they implement this new payment service through Samsung Pay, of course and its presence in the portfolios of its most loyal users or the world, who knows.


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