Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021 concept, which fills the cockpit of the vehicle with a screen; It aims to offer many functions from the DeX system to games and video editing.

In-car entertainment systems also take their share of the developing technology. In the process that started with cassette players, today we come across computer-level hardware that can perform complex operations. The next period will make us forget today.

In-car player system
The Digital Cockpit 2021 concept, introduced by Samsung at the CES 2021 virtual fair, plans to make your car a screen-filled entertainment center. Even a player-oriented feature has been included in the system.

While the Digital Cockpit 2021 concept is based on 5G connectivity, a safety and comfortable user experience is aimed. The giant QLED main screen that covers the entire console, two small screens that replace the rear view months on this screen, a screen in the back seat, an OLED screen on the steering wheel and the standard in-car OLED entertainment screen make up this system. In addition, a microLED screen placed in front of the grilles informs pedestrians.

This system, which can mirror your phone to the screen via DeX, is also ideal for gaming. You can have an intense experience when you lower the speakers on both sides of the headrest. Of course, when this experience will be experienced, it is a matter of curiosity.

In this system where you can edit your photos, all information about the vehicle and the road is also reflected as standard. The system uses 360-degree cameras placed outside the vehicle. The deep learning algorithm creates information by analyzing the data. In any emergency, a warning is given on the screens. In addition, the driver is constantly monitored, preventing risky situations.

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Powered by the Samsung Exynos Auto V9 processor, this system has an integrated 5G modem. All wireless connections such as GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth are also available. It is not yet known when and in which brands the Digital Cockpit 2021 concept will be used.


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