Continuing to produce foldable phone screens, the South Korean company Samsung is working on a foldable Galaxy tablet.


Samsung, one of the most famous names in the smartphone world, continues to find its place in our news with brand new developments. The company, which comes up with news updates frequently, has shaken hands with various competitors in the past months. The company, which started to produce foldable smartphone screens for companies such as OPPO and Xiaomi, seems to have started to turn to different areas. The company, which publishes updates for many phone models without saying the old new, will also introduce many foldable phone models in the coming period. With the details coming today, it has been revealed that the company is working on a foldable Galaxy tablet. Samsung foldable tablet is on the way.

While we are expected to see more than 5 million foldable phone models in 2021, most of today’s technology companies continue to work on foldable phones. Of course, the South Korean technology giant will undoubtedly make the most striking innovations in this field. The company, which started to produce foldable screens for different companies, will launch foldable phone models one by one towards the end of this year.

Samsung Will Produce Foldable Galaxy Tablet

After foldable phones, it turned out that the company is working on a foldable tablet. The foldable tablet model, which will join the Galaxy tablet series, has emerged with a new patent received today. The patent design of the tablet has also been revealed. Apart from the middle part, a minimal structure will also appear, and the foldable tablet will host a huge screen. The model, which will include various sensors, LED flash and selfie camera at the top, will appear in the upcoming period.


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