Samsung news: Currently working on foldable screens, Samsung is preparing to push the boundaries again. The company will produce a 1000ppi pixel AMOLED display.


Samsung, which produces foldable phone screens on the one hand and smartphones on the other, is preparing to push the boundaries again. The company, which is preparing to launch 6 different phones in India, draws attention. The company, which is also very popular in our country, has been publishing updates since the beginning of this year. In particular, the company, which attracted the likes of Android 11 based updates, announced in the past weeks that it will no longer work on ambitious cameras. With the information received today, it has been revealed that the company is working on ambitious screens. Here are the details.

The South Korean company, which adopted Sony’s technology in the camera field, gave up its passion for the camera in the past weeks. The company, which gave up its passion for cameras and turned to screens, is now working on foldable screens. The company will soon introduce a screen with a density of 1000ppi.

Samsung to Produce 1000ppi AMOLED Display

In fact, when it comes to the South Korean company, we were not surprised by such developments. The company, which continues to introduce brand new technologies, will attract attention with its new screen. As a result of today’s developments, we learned that the company is working on an AMODEL display with 1000ppi density. The company, which will take the images to a different dimension with its new high-resolution screen, will also be more assertive on the screens. According to some claims, phones with AMOLED screens will continue to increase. In 2021, 40 percent of the phones on the market will be with AMOLED screens. Of course, let’s point out that this is just a claim.


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