The Samsung Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52, which are the subject of our news with various leaks every week, will be introduced with an event on March 17th.


Preparing to sell foldable phone screens to world-famous brands, Samsung continues to come to the fore with crucial news. On the one hand, updates and on the other hand, the South Korean technology giant, which has managed to make a name for itself with smartphones, is currently known for the Samsung Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 phone models. These models, which will appear in a mid-segment structure, will offer users a long-lasting experience with their battery levels. It was a complete mystery when these phone models, which have been the subject of our news with various leaks for days, would be introduced. Some details have also emerged with the information leaked today.

We mentioned in the previous news that we expect both phone models to be introduced in March. Saolsun the South Korean company did not disappoint our predictions and was once again the subject of our news today with an event leak. According to new leaks, the company will hold an event on YouTube on March 17, and will introduce two mid-segment phones at this event.


Samsung Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 to hit the podium on March 17

We would like to continue our news by comparing some of the prominent features of the two phone models mentioned. To talk about the screen features of the Galaxy A52, we can say that a 6.5-inch screen is expected for users. The A72 model will be launched with a huge 6.7-inch screen. While the rear camera of both phones will be 64MP, the storage options will also appear as 128GB. While the A52 does not have a memory card slot, A72 users will be able to create additional memory for their device with the SD card. The models that will be released with the Android 11 operating system seem to meet the expectations. The two highly anticipated phone models will be introduced to users with an event to be held on YouTube on March 17th. We will follow the event on March 17th and continue to share the details with you.

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