Samsung may appear before users with transparent screen phones in the near future.Attracting attention with its foldable phone models, Samsung is now preparing to appear in front of users with a transparent screen phone.

According to the information provided by sources close to Samsung, we see that Samsung will soon announce a transparent screen phone and a tablet that can be folded three times.

Although transparent screen phones are a futuristic idea today, it is stated that Samsung has been working hard on this model.

Planning to make transparent screen phones with the technology called TOLED, Samsung is expected to take the first step in this regard. Stating that this model will be announced in 2021, the source also draws attention to the fact that there is no tangible information about the transparent screen model yet.

Three Times Folding Tablet Model
In addition, another model that Samsung will announce in the coming years is the tablet model that can be folded three times.

It is stated that the company, which is thought to make the tablets easier to carry with the three times foldable tablet model, is also working hard on this model.


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