Samsung recently managed to satisfy users with the phones it released. Especially with the S20 series, Samsung entered the technology agenda of many people. Now, according to a recent report, the company is making different plans for its next phone, the Galaxy Note 20. Within these plans, it can remove the ToF sensor. Samsung is considering removing this sensor and adding software support instead.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may not come with ToF sensor
Unfortunately, the technology world is spending the rest of the days due to the epidemic. Samsung and other tech giants, which have been affected in some way, still launch their new phones and products. While Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy Note 20 in the next few weeks, it came to the agenda that the ToF sensor may not be added.

As you know, the ToF sensor is a very costly sensor on flagship phones. Known as a camera sensor, ToF is said not to be on the Samsung model in question because the company thinks that this costly sensor is not used enough by users. This move of Samsung, which does not want to increase the cost of the phone by adding a sensor that is not used enough, makes one think.

Samsung originally planned to add ToF sensors to all its devices with both flagship and mid-range phones. But after the epidemic, both costs increased and people’s technology needs decreased.

For this reason, Samsung will be thinking that it has decided not to include this sensor on its newest phone. This means that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will come without a ToF sensor, which will cause a drop in price.

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Of course, the claims are not limited to this. Also on the Galaxy Note 20, it is thought that Samsung may launch a cheaper 4G version of its flagship phone. The 5G model is certain, which means the phone will be priced high. The fact that the 4G model will be released brings us to the conclusion that the newest phone model can reach more people.


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