Recent reports reveal that Samsung will close this year with less than 300 million smartphone sales, and the company has achieved such a low sales figure for the first time in 9 years.

During the new type of coronavirus pandemic, the inability of producers to continue production, many businesses ceasing to serve, and financial concerns that came with the increasing unemployment rate forced many consumers to change their shopping habits. Smart phones are among the product lines affected by these changes.

Smart phones, which constitute a large part of consumer expenditures in the pre-pandemic period and need to be replaced with a newer or better one at short intervals, came out of our essential needs with the quarantine process.

South Korean mobile technology giant Samsung is among the smartphone manufacturers adversely affected by the pandemic. Recent reports published in the company’s homeland reveal that Samsung will close this year with the sale of less than 300 million smartphones and that the company has reached such a low sales figure for the first time in 9 years.

The report shows that Samsung’s total shipments at the end of the third quarter were 189.4 million units. When the fourth quarter is added, it is estimated that the company will close this year with 270 million shipments.

Samsung is expected to increase the number of entry and mid-level 5G models with foldable phone productions in order to rise again in 2021. However, the company plans to produce a total of 49.8 million flagship models, including the Galaxy S21 series and foldable phones.


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