South Korean technology giant Samsung will announce its new products on January 14th. The images of the tracking device that the company was preparing to introduce within the scope of the event fell on the internet.

Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headset model with the Galaxy S21 series on January 14. There is another new product that the South Korean giant plans to bring to the stage as part of the launch: Galaxy SmartTag.

The device is approved by the Taiwan National Communications Commission (NCC). This means it will be introduced very soon. NCC, which published the photos of the product, also confirmed that its name is Galaxy SmartTag.

Your valuables will not be lost
The accessory has a square design with rounded edges. We see that it has a hole on it that allows it to be attached to an item or key ring. Galaxy SmartTag is designed to prevent your valuables from getting lost. It will work with Bluetooth LE or UWB (Ultra Broadband) wireless communication technology.

By attaching the accessory to your backpack or key ring, you will be able to keep track of these items. So you will know where they are and you will not lose. A similar tracking device will be released by Apple. However, it is not clear when the product named AirTag will be released.


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