Batman News: An animated series with many followers


The animated Batman series of the 1990s still has a loyal following. This is considered one of the best products featuring the bat man and its influence has been felt in other media, as it was in the Arkham game saga.

Despite this popularity, it is very difficult to find the complete Batman series on any legal streaming site. But it seems that this will soon change, thanks to HBO Max, Warner’s service that recently arrived in Latin America.

You can relive your childhood with the 90s Batman

The official Latin American HBO Max account published a tweet informing that the first season of the Superman animated series is now available. And before they say, ‘but we’re talking about Batman’, the same account replied to this tweet, saying that the animated series of the batman of the 90s will be available very soon.

Although they did not give an exact date of when we can be seeing the adventures of Batman again. The information that it will arrive on the streaming service was received with great emotion by the fans. Perhaps, if we are lucky, we will be able to enjoy it before the end of the month or perhaps in August.

Also, one user asked about the rest of DC’s animated series, such as Batman Beyond, The Justice League, and Young Justice. Faced with the questioning, the official Twitter responded that the wait will be worth it and they will soon be adding more of DC’s animated catalog. Hopefully both parts of The Dark Knight Returns will also be uploaded.

So if you were still not sure whether or not to sign up for this new streaming offer, perhaps the inclusion of Batman will make you change your mind. Surely your inner chavorruco will be happy to relive the excitement of seeing the knight of Gotham in action. Plus, nothing beats that introductory topic.


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