Ibai Llanos is one of the most famous Spanish-speaking streamers, although he occasionally makes his followers angry with some opinions.

His videos are well known around much of the world, and curiously, he has just received a tribute from a place that he perhaps he would never have imagined.

Oddly enough, Ibai appeared in a curious Batman cameo, and not in a fanart, but in an official DC comic that surprised him.

On July 7, the influencer published this tribute through his Twitter account, where he was excited and took the opportunity to thank the person in charge.

It should be noted that Ibai’s cameo was not a coincidence, but a detail made by the cartoonist Jorge Jiménez, who works for DC.

As you can see, the influencer appears as a newscaster, who at that precise moment gives a news about an agreement between Nakano and Simon Saint.

This tribute appeared in number 110 of the ‘Dark Knight’ and took the fans by surprise, who did not take long to inform Ibai himself of his cameo.

On his part, the artist Jorge Jiménez replied to the publication thanking him for everything, and making a little joke.

The appearances of famous Internet and television characters are not something new in comics, and in fact, some famous Spanish presenters have appeared in them.

Without a doubt, this little gift will give Ibai something more to show off, and as they say out there, an appearance within a Batman comic is something to put on the resume.

The “Dark Knight” comic is by James Tynion, and you can start looking for it now if you want to have a souvenir of your favorite influencer.


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