Huawei started selling phones without charging adapters. Starting with the iPhone 12, this unfriendly current could become standard.


Apple, while introducing the iPhone 12 family, said “we are protecting the environment” and removed the charging adapters from the contents of the box. In fact, the aim was not nature, but to sell accessories and to ship more phones in one go, as the box became smaller in logistics. Unfortunately, Huawei has joined this trend now. Huawei started selling its phones in some countries without a charger.

According to the information conveyed; There are also versions of phones with charging adapters. If you say that an adapter is not needed at home, you can buy a phone with a discount of 30 dollars. Huawei is currently implementing this policy on the Mate X2, Mate 40 Pro, Nova 8 Pro and Nova 8 models. Probably, the box without charging adapter will become standard when the P50 family is introduced.

After Apple to this trend; Samsung and Xiaomi, who criticized and made fun of Apple, were also in attendance. These two companies, who lick their spit, will probably standardize this event. Almost all phones to be sold in 2022 will have neither an adapter nor a headset in the box. We hope manufacturers don’t mind removing the charging / data cable from the box contents.

Some countries were involved in this incident harshly. In France and Brazil, the iPhone 12 family is sold with a charging adapter. Because the law of the men has been prepared in this direction. Unfortunately, we do not have such a law. Possibly, after the reactions from the customers, there may be a study on this law.

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