Satisfactory, the first-person 3D simulation game developed by Coffee Stain Studios, will be available on Steam after a long wait.

Coffee Stain Studios, the developer team of the factory simulation game Satisfactory, which was released exclusively for Epic Games in 2019, announced that the game will come to Steam last February. After months of waiting, the company announced that the game will take its place on Steam shelves on June 8. In Satisfactory, which also includes the open world, players discover a foreign planet, collect raw materials on this planet, and try to automate the production of all needs by building factories with these raw materials.

“I know it’s so frustrating that we haven’t yet been able to explain Satisfactory’s official arrival date on Steam. Fortunately, we’re here now and we’re definitely releasing the game on Steam on Monday, June 8,” said Snutt of the Coffee Stain Studios team. In a way, he apologized for the delay with his words. In addition, the Satisfactory will have a 10 percent discount, exclusive to the arrival of the game on Steam.

Satisfactory will remain in ‘early access’ for a while longer:

Although it is almost a year since the game’s official debut at Epic Games, the game is still ‘early access’. According to the comments made by the developer team, this situation will continue on Steam. According to Coffee Stain Studios, the game will remain in the early access stage until they think ‘the game is over’. If we look at the list of things that the developer team wanted to add to the game, Satisfactory seems to remain in the early access stage for longer.

Of course, it does not mean much that the game is in early access and will remain in this early access for a long time. Satisfactory is a game that is quite big even with early access and has received very positive feedback from players. In addition, according to the statements made by the developer team, the game will continue to grow. You can reach the Satisfactory Steam page here.


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