Paul Calder Le Roux, who is claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto and has been in prison since 2012, has been decided. Drug and arms smuggler was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Le Roux has already spent about 8 years of this sentence.

Cryptographer Paul Calder Le Roux, who has a fluffy crime file from drugs to arms smuggling and murder and launched as one of Satoshi Nakamoto candidates, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The news was reported by WIRED.

Le Roux, who has been in prison since 2012, spent 8 years in his sentence. The name, which still has the chance to appeal against the sentence, will be returned to the Philippines for a murder charge dating back to 2010, even if this appeal eventually takes a decision in favor.

The 47-year-old Colombian, prior to conviction, wrote a letter to New York South District Federal Court District Judge Ronnie Abrams, detailing his personal history and addressing alleged crimes. In this letter, Le Roux said he plans to create a Bitcoin mining device when released. At the same time, “I plan to start a business selling Bitcoin mining devices and out of the bar.” he said.

The letter contains not only these expressions, but also what Bitcoin is and how it works. In addition, there are details such as how coins are mined using ASIC devices and powerful chips designed for this. Le Roux states that he gained expertise on the subject while working in the British electronic intelligence unit known as the State Communication Center. The cryptographer says it’s a special ASIC chip design developed for SHA algorithms. Le Roux emphasizes that the chip he designed is much faster in Bitcoin mining than existing designs, and says: “For this purpose, I plan to put my knowledge and skills into a better and legal use.”

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Satoshi Nakamoto claims

Especially in recent years, it was claimed that Le Roux might be the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. The name, with a deep history of crime, is also known for its obsession with cryptography and privacy. Le Roux is also the creator of encryption software like E4M. While the Colombian was a gambler, there was a poker client in the first code of Bitcoin. Underlying allegations that Le Roux is Satoshi Nakamoto is that he has been in prison since 2012 and thus cannot access his Bitcoins.

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