Preparations for the re-cycle of South Korean-made Save the Green Planet! Will Tracy, one of Succession’s screenwriters, will write the screenplay for the film, which will be produced by Ari Aster, which is praised for the films Hereditary and Midsommar.

Ari Aster, who made an effective entry into the world of cinema with her first feature film Hereditary in horror, announced her name to the masses with her film Midsommar, which was released last year, and has a layered structure at least as Hereditary in terms of both atmosphere and script.

Wondering what to do after these two films, Aster is taking a break from filming and preparing to sign new works as a producer. According to the Deadline news, Ari Aster will produce the re-cycle of the 2003 South Korean movie Save the Green Planet!

Save the Green Planet will be produced by Ari Aster! Will Tracy Will Write The Screenplay of His Re-Cycle
As well as Ari Aster, Lars Knudsen and Parasite’s production company CJ Entertainment, with whom the director has worked in previous films, will take part in this project as a producer. CJ Entertainment, which has achieved great success with Parasite, which it produces, hopes to attract the attention of movie lovers all over the world.

Will Tracy, one of the screenwriters of the Golden Globe awarded Succession, will write the script of the re-cycle. The original film’s director, Joon-hwan Jang, will also sit on the director’s chair of the re-cycle.

Considering that Save the Green Planet! Is one of the most important films of South Korean cinema, Ari Aster and Lars Knudsen learned that director Joon-hwan Jang wanted to do something about the film again and started working to integrate the story into today’s cluttered world.

Bringing together comedy and sci-fi genres, the film focuses on interesting events that happen when a person who thinks the world will be undergoing alien invasion kidnap his boss to save the world.

You can follow the developments regarding the re-cycle, in which the names of the players will not be announced, on our site.


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