A few days ago BLACKPINK fans in India were shocked by the news that the four members referred to as ‘Chinese strippers’.

In reporting on the ‘ROCHAK ROMANCHAK’ segment on one of India’s national television channels ‘News Nation TV’ on July 17, 2020, the girl group BLACKPINK is referred to as ‘chinese strippers’ which means Chinese strippers.

Starting from BLINK (as BLACKPINK fans) India to fanbases around the world condemned television channels to apologize and delete videos.

After this news heated up and got criticism from fans on social media, the official from News Nation TV responded to criticism by making a statement saying that their mistake was a ‘technical error’.

Of course this has increasingly made many fans even more furious to make the producer who handles the segment tweet to apologize in person and have deleted the video.

Fans have even written emails regarding this issue to YG hoping that the agency can take legal steps against the TV channel.


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