Mary Shea, a Californian psychologist who wants to sell her home, and Mike Cherwenka, a potential buyer, were on trial when the buyer attempted to pay 30% of the fee with a ‘worthless’ cryptocurrency called Troptions.Gold.

The landlord accused Cherwenka and real estate company Best Buy Homes of violating securities laws for fraud using the ‘Troptions’ cryptocurrency.

The host stated his complaint as follows:

Cherwenka defrauded me by offering to buy my house in cash, and then as part of his plan, he put confusing and wrong items in his favor in the real estate contract. He tried to buy the house using ersiz Troptions.Gold, which is a worthless cryptocurrency.

The landlord Shea agreed with Cherwenka on a sale price of $ 125,000 for the dwelling, but then the buyer tried to add the payment with the Troptions tokens to the contract. The host later discovered that the lawyer interviewed for the contract was also associated with the ‘fraudster’ Cherwenka.

Taking this into account, the landlord refused to finalize the sale, but later the case was filed by Best Buy Homes because the company’s name was not included in the contract. The following decision was made in the case:

Shea claims that she plans to use the funds from the sale to pay off her student loan. If it comes to Troptions, the currency was banned from the activity last year by the governor of Missosouri.


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