Scientists are developing a new treatment project against Covid-19. The background of the project is the discovery why the virus is so dangerous for our body. The virus can hide itself from the immune system for a long time.

The most important agenda item in the world in recent months has been the new type of coronavirus. The pandemic, which covers almost all parts of our planet, has initiated a process leading to curfews and new so-called measures in many countries.

On the other hand, scientists continue to struggle to prevent the spread of the disease, to find an effective treatment and vaccine. A very important discovery was made in studies for this purpose: the reason why the virus is so dangerous has been revealed.

Virus can hide itself from the immune system

When a pathogen enters our body, our body reacts to it and our immune system tries to eliminate these foreign substances. This is the natural response of our body when it comes to any virus, bacteria or microorganism. The same process works with Covid-19 and the better your immune system is, the easier you can survive the disease.

If your immune system is slow, the virus can capture cells and copy itself. As a result, the disease can get worse. On the other hand, if our immune system overreacts, we see more harm than good and this process can even go to death.

Researchers from the University of Texas Science Center may have found an explanation of why SARS-CoV-2 can be so dangerous. Once the virus has entered the cells, it seems to have found a way to hide itself. Although this event is not always happening, it can explain why it is so deadly and why some cases are much more severe.

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Virus replaces RNA title

Scientists have revealed that the virus has changed the RNA title using the enzyme nsp16. The virus, which has been debated for years, is changing its title and capturing the RNA copying process in the cell and starting to copy itself. Our immune system, on the other hand, removes all the diseased cells it can find in this process.

While the researchers stated that the virus acquired some sort of camouflage using this new enzyme, it is not noted that the virus is a foreign structure because the RNA title has changed. With this discovery, the nsp16 enzyme can be targeted and thus it will be possible to intervene Covid-19 faster.


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