A ‘Scream’ movie without the quintessential franchise protagonist makes little sense, but it is now closer that Neve Campbell will portray Sidney Prescott once again in the possible next film in the series that will initially be directed by the duo. from ‘Wedding Night’ (Ready or Not, 2019) Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. The actress herself has updated information about her possible role in the new movie.

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In an interview with Jake Hamilton on YouTube, Campbell revealed that he has had contact with the duo, and conversations are ongoing about the possible return of Sidney Prescott:

“They have come to me and we are chatting about it. It is a little difficult right now because of COVID to know when it will happen and hopefully when we know we can see all the necessary elements to make it happen.”

Campbell also elaborated on why the project has convinced him:

“Originally, I had been really reluctant to do another ‘Scream’ without Wes because he was a genius and he is the reason why movies are what they are, but the directors have shown me that they really appreciate Wes’s work and really want honoring him and that meant a lot to me. Hopefully we can do it. ”

From the looks of it, at the moment there definitely is a role for Sidney in the film that Olpin and Gillett are currently preparing, but there is always the possibility that things will not come to fruition and that they may have to take another direction, but Judging by the response on networks when it has been revealed, making ‘Scream 5’ a global trending topic, these contacts are more likely to bear fruit.


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