It will be necessary to get players to gain access to the Second Extinction beta, exclusive to PC and which will grant rewards for the final version.

One of the games presented during the Inside Xbox last Thursday, in which we were able to catch a glimpse of what the Xbox Series X will offer, was Second Extinction, a new IP by Systemic Reaction. This is a cooperative multiplayer game in which three players engage in a shootout in front of none other than mutated dinosaurs, and although it has no confirmed release date yet, we already know that it will have a beta phase, at least on PC.

How to sign up
In addition to Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Second Extinction will also come to compatible, and it will be here where this pre-launch test takes place to polish the game and collect feedback from those who can test it. To sign up for this beta you just have to visit the official website by joining War Support –War Support- leaving our email address.

Later we will be sent a confirmation email with a new link, and after clicking on it, we will be given a link to share with our friends and thus recruit them for the cause. In order to get a beta you have to get at least one friend to join as well, and if we achieve some more, we will get additional rewards, only applicable for the PC version. For example, just by signing up we will get an avatar, and if we can gather five friends we will get a skin for a weapon, while if we do it with seven, we will get an emote in game.

In this way we can take a first look at Second Extinction, a game that according to the study itself, a creative division of Avalanche Studios Group, will not cut much when it comes to capturing our deaths at the hands of these reptiles. But as we said, these dinosaurs are not the ones we know, but they will have mutations, and thus we will have to face even larger than usual electric velociraptors or Tiranosaurus Rex. Another peculiarity is that the result of our games will be added to that of players around the world to elucidate the winner of the war between humans and dinosaurs.

As we said before, Second Extinction does not have a release date yet, but it will be compatible with Smart Delivery, that is: if we buy it in its version for Xbox One, we can also play it, improved, on Xbox Series X.


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