Having just made its debut, now Soodam SECRET NUMBER is involved in a controversy Soodam is a SECRET NUMBER girl group member who just debuted with the music video ‘Who Dis?’ on Tuesday (5/19).

On the same day, there was a netizen who claimed to be Soodam’s classmate and wrote a post on social media. The netizen wrote, “In the past, she often made others loners and she had started drinking alcohol since middle school. She also doesn’t like going to school.

“She always claimed to drink alcohol with pride. Although we didn’t want to know, she often came to me and my friends saying, ‘Yesterday I drank alcohol with my brother and sister. I drank so much I wanted to throw up. She also often tells it to the people beside me and my friends. Everyone knows, ” she wrote.

When other netizens criticized her for speaking without giving evidence, the netizen immediately uploaded Soodam’s photo while still in school as proof.

When questioned, the VINE Entertainment agency said, “We already know about the social media account and are currently checking the truth,” said the agency representative.


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