Infection of operating systems is an event that can happen to many people. Especially, the fact that personal information is included more on the phones makes the viruses infected here more dangerous. Many data thieves viruses have appeared to date. There is even an Android virus that surpasses Google’s two-step verification. But the secret of Android virus, which has been around for a long time and cannot be deleted, has been solved.

The virus, which is known as xHelper and cannot be erased, can have difficult times with its stubbornness.

Android virus xHelper secret that cannot be deleted has been solved
Undelete Android virus xHelper is a very dangerous malware that has managed to survive by returning the system to factory settings. If you cannot remove a normal virus, returning the phone to factory settings may be a solution. However, xHelper was able to survive by returning the system to factory settings without deleting itself. How the virus, which appeared in October 2019, could not be solved until this time.

The virus was transmitted to 45,000 devices in the month of its appearance. The operating mechanism of the virus could not be detected. Kaspersky Lab experts found the virus and analyzed it. The most crucial point of this malware is that it can install itself on the system partition. Thus, even if the phone was reset to factory settings, the virus in the system partition could not be deleted.

In normal Android operating mode, this part of the memory is mounted read-only. Therefore, it is not possible to delete xHelper files during traditional smartphone use. The virus can camouflage itself among the files required for the Android system. Attributes assigned to xHelper files cannot be removed even by a user with root privileges. Moreover, the virus can remove applications such as Superuser from the phone.

If this is not enough, the virus can change Android libraries. Thus, no operation can be made on it. The only way to get rid of this virus is to flash the smartphone from a restore version. In recovery mode, a completely new system image needs to be loaded. The odd part is that the image files produced for cheap smartphones in China already contain the xHelper virus.

The virus mostly affects users who use Android 6 and 7. If you’re using an Android device with the latest version, you don’t have to worry too much.


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