A book about Melania Trump, the First Lady of the USA, and a book that will be published next week, contains remarkable details in their marriage with Donald Trump. The book, written by Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan and based on interviews with more than 100 people in five different countries, contains details about the Trump couple that have not been heard before.

The world speaks this book! A new book will be released next week, telling shocking facts about the relationship between US president Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump.

Written by journalists from the Washington Post newspaper, Mary Jordan, the book is called “The Art of Agreement: The Untold Story of Melania Trump”. And the book has become the first agenda item in the world before it has been published.

Mary Jordan’s book “The Art of Deal: Melania Trump’s Untold Story” draws an ‘unprecedented portrait of First Lady’ based on interviews with over 100 people in five different countries.

Excerpts from the 286-page book were published in the Washington Post newspaper the day before. According to this new book, Melania Trump was not so sure after her husband Donald’s shocked election victory, and told the staff not to use the “new title”.

One of the people who worked with Melania after the election, in an interview with writer Mary Jordan, said that Melania called her “Stop calling me First Lady”.

Jordan writes that neither Melania nor her husband Donald Trump expects to win the election in November 2016.

The book details in detail that Melania does not like to be under the eyes of the media and in front of the public, and also because of her anger towards the emergence of her husband’s numerous infidelities, she is reluctant to adopt this role.

Trump denies that he was cheating Melania. News of his escape with Stormy Daniels appeared in October 2018, and after the secrets were revealed, Melania suddenly canceled her plans to join Trump in Davos.

On the other hand, in a biography published last year about the US First Lady, it was claimed that Melania separated her bed with her husband and spent the nights in her own private suite.

Melania spent the first six months of Trump’s presidency with her son Barron, who was 10 years old when his father was elected, at his home in Trump Tower in New York.

Jordan writes that Melania used this time to listen and to ensure that Barron was treated equally with her older brothers Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany.

Melania also asked Barron to stay in New York with his current friends and finish his school term.

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This Melania Trump biography, which will be released next week, reveals details about the marriage of the world’s most talked couple.

Another hidden detail in the book is that Melania Trump renewed her marriage contract with Donald Trump in 2017 to improve the financial rights of their son Barron.

According to the book, this is the main reason behind the late move of Melania to the White House. The renewed marriage contract in this process ensures that Barron is not excluded from the family business.

“First Lady asked for written evidence of financial opportunities and heritage that her son Barron would equate Trump’s three other adult children,” Jordan said.

Stephanie Grisham, from Melania Trump’s team, would not find what was written in the book unrealistic, “Another book with misinformation and sources about Miss Trump. I think it is in the type of fiction ”.

On the other hand, the relationship between Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, has always been the center of attention. Donald Trump has been the subject of controversy with his wife, Melania Trump, whenever he has been in front of the cameras since the day he was president of the USA.

Melania Trump never smiles at the couple’s poses in front of the press and avoiding holding her husband’s hand continues to create controversy in the world public opinion.

The last image of the couple against the cameras also revealed the tension between the two. In the days when the streets of the USA were flooded with protesters for George Floyd, a victim of racist murder, Donald Trump went outside the White House with his wife and made a short visit to Saint John Paul II Temple at Catholic University.

Although this was a chance for the president to smile and act as if everything was fine, his wife, Melania Trump, was not playing in front of the cameras.

At that strange moment, Donald Trump asked his wife, Melania, to smile, but the First Lady had just grimaced, putting out her tension instead of smiling.

First Lady’s forced pose and resistance not to smile, became viral on the internet, and the ‘smile’ pressure that Trump made to her husband became one of the most talked topics in social media.

The author of the book, Jordan, describes Melania as a focused, brutal and ambitious person. “Melania does not hesitate to leave her friends behind, as she moves to the new part of her life and travels from Milan to New York when she is in place.” says and adds:

“If Melania gets an opportunity, she will make a great effort for it. Then she goes on and never looks back.”


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