Intending to spend the year 2021 to the fullest, Samsung is currently not missing both our news and the agenda with its new flagships. The technology giant, which continues to make a name for itself this year with its different phone models, also makes millions of users happy. The company, which has been publishing crazy updates for the last few days, offers updates that appeal to the needs of all users, regardless of the old new. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite received update.



The company, which recently brought updates to devices such as the Galaxy S20 FE, Note 10 and Galaxy S21 series, did not neglect to release a new update today. A new update has been released for the phone model, which was released in January of last year and was quite satisfactory with its sales figures. The update made the phone even more secure.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite February 2021 Security Update

The update released with the version number N770FXXS7DUB1 is now available for download and use by European users. While this update, which makes the phone more secure, was announced as the February 2021 security patch, the details of the update were not shared. It also hosts update bug fixes that generally improve the stability of the phone and make users more reliable for data sharing.

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As in every update, the performance of the device has been improved and re-optimized in this update. If you own the device, you will be able to be notified of this update via automatic notification. If they wish, users can follow up whether the update is available from the Settings> Software Update area.


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