Later this year, NASA plans to launch yet another mission to Mars to conduct further studies – and this time, things will get even more interesting. That’s because Ingenuity will make history’s first flight on an extraterrestrial planet. Don’t you know who he is? It is a helicopter robot designed to overcome the limits of our world.

Rovers like Curiosity require a high degree of applied engineering, after all, the physical forces as we know them are totally different over there. Imagine, then, what it would be like to fly in strange conditions. This is what can happen.

To make the project a reality, the technology center Jet Propulsion Laboratory dedicated itself to the task of building the machine – and you can check a simulation of the operation by clicking on the video below. It shows roughly how it will be at the destination of the trip on February 18, 2021 (arrival forecast).

Although it looks like a regular drone, it is an innovative technology developed just so that the agency can test future machines. It will not have other instruments besides its elegant functional presence.

Even with a modest size, due to the nature of the Martian atmosphere, any short flight of 90 seconds to five meters will be a victory, considering that this height, there, is equivalent to what would be about 30 km on land. The journey of a commercial plane, for comparison, takes place at an altitude of 11 km.


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