ZTE is starting the second round in Under-Screen Camera technology. Whatever is said to be impossible; ZTE makes it happen. We’re getting rid of soon …



The smartphone market has certain urban legends. These can be displayed as “console level graphics”, another “under-screen fingerprint sensor” “over the air phone charging” and finally “under-screen camera”. If you have noticed, all of these are no longer an urban legend but a reality in our lives. Under-display camera technology was introduced by OPPO for the first time, but ZTE was able to launch the first phone to come with an under-display camera.

Today, a new information has emerged about the ZTE Axon 30 series, the next generation of the phone that is offered for sale under the name ZTE Axon 20 5G. It was stated that ZTE’s second generation sensor with under-screen camera system can also detect the face of the camera. With its announcement, ZTE stated that they can also perform face recognition from the under-screen camera using the under-screen 3D structured light system.

According to the information received by ZTE, it is stated that the ppi value of the previous generation Axon 20 series is around 200, while the ppi value in the second generation phone has increased to 400 levels. He also stated that ZTE will use 120 Hz screen scanning speed on the screen scanning speed side.

Long story short is this; No notch in a short time, no, sir, we will forever get rid of the perforated camera structures in the screen.


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