BlackBerry had almost no competitors in many respects for a while. Its classic full keyboard seemed to be of intense interest to BlackBerry, especially by business smartphone users and government agencies. Unfortunately, the company could not catch the wave of brand development and threw a towel into the smartphone industry.



BlackBerry sold its patents one by one

After suffering a market loss, the giant of one era retired from the smartphone business in 2016 and shifted its focus to business, internet of things, and security software. The smartphone brand was licensed to TCL Communications. Later this license was taken over by OnwardMobility.

For now, according to reports in the Canadian press, a period of one era has sold 90 basic smartphone technology patents to Huawei. This news was confirmed by Steve Rai, the firm’s CFO, at the JPMorgan Chase online investor conference. Ownership of these patents was transferred to Huawei on December 23, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Talking about this process, Steve Rai stated that we now have very few patents related to the telephone business.

No statement has yet been made about the patents sold. Other patents held by BlackBerry Technology Solutions are expected to go on sale this year.

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As for Huawei, we think not all patents it has received are related to smartphones. Because most of the patents related to the telephone business are in the hands of TCL.


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