Wanting to focus on more corporate market and audio technologies, Sennheiser management decided to divest its headphone division. Talks continue with Google.

Sennhesier, who left the sector by handing over the player equipment division to his former partner in the past months, is now preparing to withdraw from the end user market. Google is among potential buyers.

The company wants Google
Andreas and Daniel Sennheiser, grandchildren of the founder and co-boss, stated that they wanted to focus on corporate products and sound technologies, so they plan to divest the end user segment.

Although Sennheiser is known by the end user for its headphone products, it also specializes in Hi-Fi systems, studio microphones, conference systems and amplifiers. Neumann is one of these brands.

Sennheiser was producing high-quality headphones but could not get what it wanted in the competition. He wants to divest the end user segment, as it has a much better upward momentum on the corporate side. The sale of the end user section, which also includes audio systems, to Google is on the agenda.

Google, which has been in the market for a long time with audio products such as Google Home and Pixel Buds, is thought to be a good partner. Including Sennheiser technologies in its subsequent products will also help the brand to grow. For now, there is no information about the sales price.


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