Before its broadcast, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay had already sparked public interest because it was the first drama starring Kim Soo Hyun after her stint in compulsory military service. However, after the first few episodes aired, the drama has captured viewers’ attention because of Seo Ye Ji’s portrayal of a protagonist who is, medically speaking, a psychopath.

In It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, there is no attempt to idealize the mental illness of the character Seo Ye Ji gives life to, but rather it is forcefully shown to be aggressive. You often see her physically assault her editorial employees, who are too concerned about her reputation, as it relates to her financial well-being, to report it.

The behavior of the character played by Seo Ye Ji is so baffling that, in the most recent episode, the character played by Kim Soo Hyun tries to dissuade her from leaving a man alone because she is concerned about that man’s safety.

Later, the young woman uses verbal insults to punish a family whose best son is her fan. Her actions harm her professional reputation, but she doesn’t care because her psychopathic tendencies are too strong.

However, the character Seo Ye Ji plays can be even creepier. She romantically approaches Kim Soo Hyun’s character causing her to face an experience from her youth that seems to have caused her trauma.

In this way, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay departs completely from other dramas in which the protagonists are totally opposite, giving an extreme and creepy touch to the story.

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Seo Ye Ji has undoubtedly raised her reputation as an actress by bringing to life such a complex and quirky character.


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