Seola Becomes First WJSN Member to Appear on Individual Teaser Ahead of ‘Neverland’ Comeback. WJSN, scheduled for a comeback in June, has begun releasing individual teasers for the members.

The individual teaser released by WJSN today, (5/19) is Seola. In the teaser ahead of the comeback with the mini album titled ‘Neverland’, we were presented with the beauty as well as the beauty of the members and the atmosphere like in the fictional world of Neverland.

Seola seems to be leaning on the swing seat surrounded by plants and flowers with a vivid theme. In addition, the agency also released a gif format mobile teaser that further presents the impression of a fictional world with beautiful frames.

While waiting for the release of the album with the main song ‘Butterfly’, we will continue to be presented with a teasing teaser from WJSN until June 9th.


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