Seulgi Red Velvet claimed he could not wait to wait for the BLACKPINK comeback.

Jisoo recently uploaded an individual teaser photo for the BLACKPINK comeback on a personal Instagram account.

As fans know, BLACKPINK plans to make a comeback with a song called ‘How You Like That’ on June 26, 2020.

Seulgi then commented on Jisoo’s teaser photo on Instagram by writing, “Me, me, me. I can hardly wait for it! I raced here again. I’m really looking forward to it, so please release it quickly. ”

Jisoo then visited Seulgi’s personal Instagram account and wrote his comment, “I tried to reply to your comment but I pressed‘ x ’so I accidentally deleted your comment. I am sorry. I love you, “answered by Seulgi,” Hahaha, you’re so cute. ”

But in the end Jisoo rediscovered Seulgi’s comments and replied, “Oh? The comments are still here. Didn’t I delete it? Haha, you are an angel. Thank you, Kkang! ” he wrote.

Are you also impatient waiting for the release of the latest BLACKPINK song?


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