Seungmin Stray Kids recently released a cover for one of the drama OST’s ‘Itaewon Class’.

Through Stray Kids’ official YouTube channel, Seungmin uploaded a cover for the song ‘Start’ sung by Gaho.

‘Start’ is an OST from the popular drama ‘Itaewon Class’ which had previously survived at the top of South Korean music charts for a long time.

Through this video cover, we can hear quality vocals from Seungmin who sang the lyrics to the song ‘Start’ eagerly.

With the genre of rock music, of course the song ‘Start’ has a different genre than the usual Stray Kids song. Even so, Seungmin can still perform the song very well.

For those of you who are already curious, you can directly listen to the cover of the song ‘Start’ from Seungmin below!


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