SEVENTEEN is in the midst of preparations for their next comeback, the boys have been revealing the secrets behind their career through the documentary “Hit The Road”, where they open their hearts to Carat about the difficult times they have gone through.

Through their social networks, the group revealed the release date and name of their new mini album, which seeks to narrate the journey they have experienced during their career. We tell you all the details.

Through his Twitter account, SEVENTEEN revealed that on June 22 they will release “Heng: garae, Journey of Youth”, the title of which is an expression that describes the celebration of a group of people as they lift someone up to catch him again .

The boys also published the first teaser of their comeback, on their Instagram profile they shared an image of a map, which shows a kind of track and various elements along the way until they reach the finish line, reiterating again that their concept could be about a youth trip to achieve your goals.

On social media, Carat has expressed his excitement over the group’s new mini album. The pastel and warm colors of the teaser hint that the song may have summer overtones.

Until now, the number of versions, tracklist and the main single have not been revealed. Stay tuned to our portal for the next news from “Heng: garae”


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