The ‘Music Core’ responded to news that said SEVENTEEN did not appear on their music program.

As previously reported, the Pledis Entertainment confirmed the news that says that SEVENTEEN will not appear on the ‘Music Core’ program.

According to previous News1 media reports, SEVENTEEN was allegedly not appearing on the ‘Music Core’ program because Pledis Entertainment’s agency had been acquired by Big Hit Entertainment.

As fans know, since May 2019 the Big Hit Entertainment artist has never appeared on the ‘Music Core’ program.

In response, the ‘Music Core’ commented, “The Music Core” staff always work hard to bring singers from various music genres in our program and create a stage that stands out more than any other music program. ”

“The staff has sent a request to SEVENTEEN to appear on our music program and we hope that they can perform in front of the viewers of our program.”

“Music Core” staff will continue to work hard to create a great stage for K-Pop fans. Thank you, “said the representative of” Music Core “.


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