Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky spoke with Yahoo at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference. Celsius spoke with great clarity about his views on Elon and more. He also didn’t hesitate to answer a question about Elon’s latest Twitter conversation, giving Musk a new nickname: ‘Crypto Tourist’.



Mashinsky continued his criticisms by saying “Elon is a tourist in crypto” and then went on to explain the reason behind his statements by saying “he is here to gather followers” ​​and said:

“I don’t think he’s here to make the world a better place, and we can go where we’re going with or without Elon.”

Negative opinions about Musk

Bitcoin had fallen over 5% after Musk’s “breakup” tweet earlier in the day. The tweet follows the Tesla CEO’s effort to cause a “downturn” around bitcoin. About a month ago, Musk made the decision not to allow bitcoin as a payment method for Tesla customers, using coal as an excuse, and this caused great concern about Bitcoin. Some crypto advocates are fed up with Musk’s thinking, and some argue that Musk’s aim is to manipulate the market.

Mashinsky isn’t the only one with negative opinions about Musk, either. Famous bitcoin bull Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano said the following at the conference:

“Elon keeps tweeting, Bitcoin price probably remains lower than it should be, giving entire communities an opportunity to buy cheap bitcoin”


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