Johyun Berry Good’s Instagram post some time ago caught the spotlight, because he posted a political issue between the two South and North Korean countries.

On May 3, the public was shocked by the shootings that took place at the border of South and North Korea.

This is indeed a taboo issue discussed among idols and even the entertainment world, but Johyun seems to put aside her status by sharing her feelings as citizens on the issue.

The Instagram post, which has now been removed, had previously received attention until an evil comment appeared accusing the idol of criticizing the government and having political intentions on the post.

Because the post caused controversy, Joohyun made clarification, explaining his intentions by stating that he actually felt worried and her heart felt sick at the issue.

Many netizens later voiced their support for the idol, “She made the post because she was worried about the North Korean shooting. People who link politics and criticize her need to think about whether they or Joohyun are suffering because of political intentions, “” As a citizen, she should be allowed to express something like that at least, “and others.


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