Gone are the days when Shingeki no Kyojin fans believed that killing the colossal titan and the armored titan would spell the end of the story. Or that we would have a happy ending when everyone knew what exists beyond the walls.

Hajime Isayama’s plot has only become more complex over the years, and in the process many of our favorite characters have died, the most recent of them being Sasha, a member of the Legion and known as the Potato Girl for her great fondness for food.

Sasha was one of the close friends of Eren and company, part of the inseparable trio of Connie and Jean. Fans remember her for her myriad problems getting food and sharing it with others.

Even during the War against Marley, she managed to befriend Nicolo, a Marley cook whose life she changed simply because of the way she enjoyed her food.


The cosplay that we are going to present you today, pays a great tribute to Sasha with potato in hand, by the artist on Instagram @ gemdaee.cosplay:

As you can see, this cosplayer adopted the same hairstyle with which we met Sasha throughout Shingeki no Kyojin, as well as her uniform that identifies her as a Legion of Reconnaissance, and her inseparable potato in her hand her.

There is no doubt that she achieved a representation quite faithful to the original. If you liked her tribute, do not forget to visit her Instagram where she has also cosplayed other SNK characters, such as Hange, Annie and even the titan Eren himself.

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We said goodbye to Sasha a couple of chapters ago when she died at the hands of Gabi Braun, but these tributes from the community will not always remain.


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