In the most recent chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin ‘Assault‘ Eren and the Reconnaissance Legion continue their attack on Marley, with the aim of seizing the Titan Warhammer and officially declaring war on the island of Paradis.



As Eren struggled to undo Lara Tybur’s hardening so that he could devour her and seize her Titan, he was constantly attacked by the Titan Jaw of Galliard; as the legion dealt with the weapons of the Titan Cart and the arrival of Zeke with the Titan Beast.

All seemed lost to the Paradis soldiers, until Armin wielded the Colossal Titan’s power of massive destruction, giving them the upper hand again.

At Mikasa’s mercy the Jaw Titan fell, and Eren realized that he could use it to break through the Hammer Titan’s defense and ultimately eat it, thus gaining power from him.


In this way, one of the sequences that manga fans knew as ‘the nutcracker’ was carried out, since Eren literally uses Porco as one to destroy Lara and devour her.

As you may recall, this is a way to pass the powers between Titans, and that means that Eren now possesses the Attack Titan and the Hammer Titan.

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Obviously Porco is horrified to see how it is used as an instrument; while Mikasa also watches from afar, somewhat disturbed by the level of brutality Eren has reached.

In the story of Shingeki no Kyojin, now with the power of the Titan Hammer Eren is now much stronger, and he will not stop until he achieves his goal: freedom. Although, what does that really mean?

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