In the most recent episode of Shingeki no Kyojin ‘The Killing Bullet’ there were several important events in the anime world, such as the death of Sasha Blouse at the hands of Gabi, and that now both she and Falco are on their way to Paradis with the rest of the Legion.



We also finally learned Yelena’s identity, and towards the end of the episode it was revealed that Zeke is an ally of Eren, Paradis, and the Eldians; but what exactly is Zeke’s plan?

Little by little we will see the explanation of this plan in the anime, but if you can’t wait, we will tell you that the whole truth has already been revealed in the manga.

Zeke really is one of Eldia’s restorers, like his father Grisha Jaeger, however, he betrayed both him and his mother to save himself, as well as the rest of his family, and to be able to continue with the restoration plans from inside Marley.

He knew that if they discovered them on their own, he too would be executed and could not fulfill his objective, especially because of the importance of his royal blood that will serve as a ‘key’.

Thus, Zeke climbed the ranks of power as a warrior to become the Titan Beast.

The ‘volunteers’, the name of the next chapter in the anime, are a group of Zeke’s followers who believe in the restoration of the Eldia Empire, and infiltrated the ships that were sent from Marley to Paradis after Reiner’s return.

These volunteers were sent to the Island of Paradis by Zeke himself to gain his trust, this is how we will get to know better Yelena, Onyankopon and Nicola, important characters in the chapters to come, who taught the Paradis new technology and military strategies.


At first we are led to believe that Zeke agrees to launch a ‘rumble’ (unleash some colossal titans from the walls towards Marley) on a smaller scale to give Paradis an advantage and catch up with the outside world’s technology; for this they needed the combination of the Founding Titan (Eren) and a Titan with royal blood (Zeke).

Zeke’s secret plan in Shingeki no Kyojin is to launch a rumble on a smaller scale.
That’s why the assault on Marley was orchestrated, so that everyone would think Zeke was dead and would not meddle in targeting him.

But the true plan of Zeke Jaeger is revealed later, in reality his goal is to stop the birth of the Eldians, using the power of the Founding Titan with the help of Ymir Fritz, Zeke intends to alter the bodies of the Eldians so that they stop reproducing.

These so-called years to ‘catch up with the rest of the world’ was how long Zeke calculated it would take for the last generation to die on Paradis, and for this he needed that brief period of peace that a smaller-scale ‘rumble’ would provide.



Zeke’s predecessor as the beast titan, Tom Ksaver, played a key part in this plan; since from him Zeke took the idea of ​​eliminating the Eldians in a ‘peaceful way’.

Zeke’s real plan is the ‘euthanasia plan’ for the Eldians.
Unlike Eren, Zeke is not a fighter, and rather longs for the idea of ​​never being born.

In conclusion, Zeke’s central plan in Shingeki no Kyojin is based on functioning as a key for Eren to take over Ymir Fritz’s power by connecting them in coordinate. And with the power of the Founding Titan, the bodies of the Eldians are altered, rendering them sterile; in order to end the cycle of hatred, revenge and destruction with the disappearance of Eldia and the Titans.


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