A twitter user shares curiosities of Final Fantasy VII Remake thanks to the book Ultimania. Shinra’s stairs hold additional dialogues.

Final Fantasy VII Remake continues to keep secrets more than a month after its release. Thanks to the book FF7R Ultimania, a twitter user is uploading to the network the elements and curiosities that many players have not fallen during their game. The book is in full Japanese.

One of them has to do with the climb to the stairs of Shinra during chapter 16. According to aitaikimochi, there are four additional conversations between Barret and Cloud linked to which floor we descend. The enumeration takes into account the following route.

  • From the 20th floor, go down to the 15th.
  • From the 30th floor, go down to the 25th.
  • From the 40th floor, go down to the 35th.
  • From the 50th floor, go down to the 45th.

The same account has shared the conversations in a video inserted in the following tweet. That yes, of the English location.

The fifth part of the compilation of Final Fantasy VII
In the same book you can find exclusive interviews with the main managers of the project. “We knew we wanted to make a fifth installment” of the compilation, said Tetsuya Nomura. “However, we were a little bare of resources, since I was the only one leading the project. Since we were busy with other things, the project was frozen. ”

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This fifth installment is preceded by Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus in the part of the video game, in addition to the movie Advent Children. Therefore, this Remake continues the original idea of ​​Square Enix.

You can read the complete piece through this link. Tetsuya Nomura also shared his feelings for the second part of the Remake, in which he prefers to launch it as soon as possible. “If it is divided into larger parts, it will take a little longer; And if we do it in smaller parts, we can launch it in a shorter period. Personally, I would rather launch it as soon as possible. ”


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