It turned out that a technical support manager responsible for Yandex server systems marketed access to users’ mailboxes to third parties.

Unfortunately, we see that platforms that need to protect personal data security in the best way due to their concept cannot provide this even within themselves. After Twitter’s Bitcoin fraud in the past months, there was a shock in the Yandex service.

Yandex mails are sold
Considered as the largest technology company in Russia and the leader of the search engine with a share of around 60 percent, Yandex also offers services such as mail and storage. However, the latest news is not encouraging.

One of the technical support administrators of Yandex systems was caught selling users’ permission to their mailboxes to third parties for personal gain. In this way, it is stated that approximately 4887 email accounts were captured.

The manager that Yandex cyber security team noticed during routine checks was immediately dismissed, but the fact that such a behavior from the top-level technical support team shows that we are not at all safe.

Yandex sends a warning to mail owners affected by unauthorized access, asking them to change their passwords. Apart from that, it is also stated that nobody receives credit card and payment information.


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