Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke discovers DeFi and Ethereum as the last sign of mainstream adoption.


The boss of Canada’s most valuable public company recently spent an entire morning learning about smart contracts and the ERC20 token standard. His highlights in his posts on Twitter are interesting.

Speaking of crypto, I spent the morning dealing with ETH Smart Contracts. Mainly trying to understand how the ERC20 works better. Fascinating world.

Lutke then asked Twitter about the trade-related opportunities that decentralized finance offers.

Jill Carlson of Slow Ventures proposed integrating stablecoin payments and facilitating fundraising through compatible token sales. Crypto investor David Iach also proposed enabling staking to allow purchasing goods with returns.


Crypto-like growth

Shopify partnered with CoinPayments to allow its merchants to receive payments in crypto last May.

The “Canadian Amazon” stock rose by over 500 percent in less than two years. This growth is reminiscent of a cryptocurrency.

Last year, Shopify surpassed the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to become the most valuable public company in the country.


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