Dogecoin price pumping is starting to lose its effect.As Cardano descended from the summit, he created a new support point for himself.AAVE is feeling the post-record bearish pressures on it.

Dogecoin (DOGE)
With a pumped price of up to $ 0.088, DOGE has been one of the most talked about assets in recent days. The waning of the pump effect had its effect after that level, and a sharp decline was seen to $ 0.06. However, although the asset, which caught different intermediate peaks in the last week, gave a fluctuating impression, it was trading horizontally at $ 0.07 and just above.

The RSI is neutral and the MACD indicator was in the negative zone during the day, giving a negative impression. However, in the last few hours, there has been progress in the positive direction. B. Squeezing has been observed in the bands for the last two days.

Earlier in the day, a cut in the Bands triggered the price to fall further. The price is currently hovering above the moving average. However, the SAR data provide buy signals for DOGE. On the CMF side, there is a progress compared to yesterday’s extreme decrease in demand towards neutral.

DOGE may increase a little more according to these data in the short term. However, its decline to the $ 0.064 level, which is the support level in its current value range, poses a risk for DOGE. With the decrease in popularity in demand, the decrease may cause the price to break even further. Breaking the counter-resistance of $ 0.0698 is another hurdle for the price to move to the higher point.

Cardano (ADA)
Cardano (ADA) managed to reach $ 0.97 with the momentum it experienced yesterday evening, but encountered problems at the resistance point. Although the asset tried to resist the resistance for several hours, the profitability factor prevailed and pushed the price downward.

Although the $ 1 Cardano goal was short, the process was a bit prolonged. In the event of the withdrawal, Cardano had $ 0.88 accepted as a new support point for itself. After holding this level for a long time, the asset started to increase again.

We can say that the SAR and RSI data are reporting the situation behind the decrease. Considering the profitability for the asset, it had created serious selling pressure. Although the MACD was in the positive zone, it followed a downward movement after sales. Balanced transaction volume data is in a stable line for ADA. This standard in volume is a good sign for now. However, the Chaikin data also remain in the positive zone.

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All data seems to be moving on the horizontal axis for now. The SAR value also gives receiving signals in the last hourly data. However, Cardano may try to test it towards the resistance point again in the coming hours. If it returns from the resistance point again, it may need support up to the $ 0.76 level. For some investors, the opportunity may occur at this level. Next hour data may provide more supportive data on the probability of exceeding $ 1. However, if the bull activity continues to rise under these conditions, it is quite possible to exceed $ 1 in the coming days.

AAVE, which opened a path for itself by exceeding the resistance level of $ 542 the other day, had declined as a result of both the resistance pressure of $ 568 and the selling pressure of profitability. The asset, which has witnessed bottom drops to $ 490, has been moving in the horizontal price channel for a while.

Although sales pressure prevails for AAVE until evening hours, the situation seems to be reversed for these watches. In addition, the low volatility of the B. Bands with the efficiency of the channel forces the channel to narrow.

However, the RSI is hovering at and below the neutral level on the hourly and 30-minute charts as the upward movement effort is repeated a lot throughout the day for the asset threatening to fall below the moving average. The MACD indicator also repeats the bearish trend. It is seen that there is a serious decrease in the demand and the transaction volume data is also decreasing.

All these situations give the impression that the withdrawal before an uptrend may continue a little longer. Although this withdrawal indicates that the support level can be reduced to $ 507, the low demand increases the risk. It is useful to stay on track for the upcoming days. Buy signals may increase with these decreases.


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