We want to see the mutants rush into the cosmos, and that’s good: there is a good chance that this is the case in the X-Men reboot!

When will Charles Xavier’s superhero team land in the MCU? A question that all enthusiasts of X-Men ask themselves, and to which we do not have the answer … But if we are to believe this new leak from Marvel Studios, the composition of the team of mutants will be very stylish: it only remains for us to know the official release date of the Disney reboot! Since the Fox’s takeover by the big-eared firm, fans of the Maison des Idées have been sharing their forecasts on the circumstances surrounding the return of these vigilantes to the movies. Which team members are most likely to appear, what threat they will face, what will be the object of their first mission … Our hypothesis, at melty, is that superheroes will live a cosmic adventure in the space, towards infinity (and beyond)!

If Phase 4 of Marvel Studios will be the most mystical of the MCU, it also promises some interstellar adventures with Thor 4 Love and Thunder and The Eternals! We guess that Phase 5 will continue in this momentum with Captain Marvel 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, offering fewer films anchored on Earth and more projects directed towards space. Knowing that the arrival of the X-Men should not arrive for several years (the schedule of the Maison des Idées is already filled until summer 2022), we can assume that it will be formalized for 2023 or 2024. At this time there, the universe of superheroes will have taken a resolutely cosmic turn, and the mutants will have to adapt to the general atmosphere! A change of tone which will make it possible to distinguish the reboot of the franchise of the Fox, mainly anchored in the “real world”.

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Not to mention that in the comic books, the X-Men have made many missions in space: they are far from being confined to the Manor all the time! For example, Charles Xavier’s lover, Lilandra Neramani, is a Shi’ar extraterrestrial to whom the professor regularly visits. As for the Magneto minions, they built a metallic orbital base called the Asteroid M, in which their leader gathered the Brotherhood of Bad Mutants. And as if that were not enough, Jean Gray was even possessed by a cosmic entity known as Force Phoenix! It is therefore without problem that the scriptwriters and the director of the reboot will be able to draw inspiration from the comics, in order to find a captivating intrigue located in the cosmos. Who knows, maybe we will find out if our hypothesis is correct with Les Éternels, in which the X-Men and the mutant Apocalypse could be introduced!


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